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A seller answered your question, “Does this come with all the extra accessories and torso from the original packaging?” about Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters “Marik Ishtar” (1/7….

The Seller answered:
“The gorgeous upper-half-of-the-body part reproducing the tattoo minced in the ceremony “a grave keeper’s courtesy” is attached.

Two sorts, furthermore, a hand with a right “card” and “the hand which had a rod for 1000 years”, and” with a left ” disk and two sorts of “having no disk” are attached.”

Poor Marik, having to hold that rod for 1,000 years. He must have severe carpal tunneling by now. This needs to be a picture.

And yes, I did end up buying him! :D



Kitten-Con Is the Comic-Con of Cuteness

Young felines from around the world descended on Cleveland, TX this week for Kitten-Con, the annual celebration of geek culture, but with adorable kittens.

The cosplayers were out in force, many kittens dressing up like their favorite heroes from Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.

"Some of these cosplayers really go all-out," says Mark Hansen, who covers the geeky convention every year for Entertainment Weekly.”The attention to detail is flawless.”

The conference wraps up today with panels, product demos and a keynote from actor Wil Wheaton.

These kitties are up for adoption! Photographer Wendy Robbins dressed 17 kittens up in the hope of finding them good homes! Four have already been adopted. Thanks for the adorableness, Wendy!

h/t Yahoo News.

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So the other day I went into the kitchen and looked out the back door, and there was a small, short-haired, solid black cat sitting there looking at me in the driveway. I freaked out b/c I thought it was our (indoor only) cat and that he had gotten out. So I start yelling for mom to come look and…

Darn you Christyn, always interfering with the Black Cat Confederacy. How will they ever get anything done if you’re constantly interrupting their meetings!?

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